Promoting Your Company Through Golf

Golf is one of the most popular leisure sports for businessmen and women alike. Whether you are involved in a company golf tournament or you are hitting the green with a potential customer, golf is a great mechanism for promoting your brand.

Let us discuss in more detail how you can use golf to market your brand…

We have all heard of networking but have you fundraising golf tournaments heard of the new trend- “Business Golf Networking”? There are organizations out there designed specifically for arranging golf events where business leaders can network with other business leaders. Golfers pass corporate business cards, sales leads, business referrals and golf connections to each other while making introductions to prospective clients on the course. To find out when and where business golf networking events are being hosted in your area, check online or with specific golf courses.

Golf events, whether for networking or for a charity or fundraiser, are always looking for sponsors. This is a great and affordable way for your brand to get recognized among business leaders and customers in your area. Sponsoring will give your brand a presence at the event through banners, flyers, or other promotional products. Again, you can check online or by reaching out to specific golf courses to see what events are available to sponsor. Another way to find sponsorship opportunities is to become involved in the charities or community organizations in your area.