School In Kind Donation Fundraising Guidelines

The dwindling economy over the past few years has forced the educational system to make millions of dollars in budget cuts each year. The decrease in funds has caused a loss of teaching jobs,Guest Posting larger class sizes, overcrowding in schools, and a worsening overall in kind donation learning experience for students. The effects of the nationwide budget cuts have caused a greater need for school fundraising events.

While there are thousands of fundraising ideas out there, successful school fundraisers seem to follow two key guidelines. They are easy to implement and effective in earning funds.

So what quantifies an “easy school fundraiser”? Cost is the main part. Schools fundraising ideas should come with little or no cost attached to get things up and running. This has become a rarity in the fundraising world, as the majority of easy fundraising ideas involve an investment through fundraising companies.

What many school fails to see before they begin their efforts, is that there are plenty of free fundraising businesses that can help schools raise as much or more money than businesses that charge a fee. An example of a free fundraising company is GivingJOE, which uses a unique system to reward schools for spending online. There are countless others offering easy fundraising ideas at little or no cost specifically for school fundraisers.

In order for a school fundraising idea to be effective, it must offer a high return with little or no cost to get started. Selling products door to door is a great fundraising idea for schools as long as the school is not required to buy the products before they are sold. There is always a risk that all of the products will not be sold forcing the school to take a loss on their own fundraiser.

Before you begin your next school fundraiser be sure to analyze whether or not your fundraising event is an ideal model. Make sure your school isn’t spending loads of money trying to sign up for paid fundraising programs that guarantee thousands of dollars when there are the same opportunities elsewhere for free. Every dollar raised counts towards schools for our nations youth and it is our duty to make sure we maximize those funds.